Some Ecofriendly Planting and Ecofriendly Planters

I like plants a lot, even since my childhood. Then there were few planters available apart from the regular pots made of clay. Like any child, I, too, liked watering plants and planting them in pots. I could even make a small section in our garden full of cosmos. I planted the seeds by collecting them from the flowers we used for making our Onam pookalams. I thought of making a particular part of our little garden dedicated to the cosmos alone. And it came out well too. 

When I moved to the city, I tried planting some plants and veggies in plant pots. But I always look for sustainable and eco-friendly options. Love for plants is the love for nature. We should shower some love on our planet by planting a plant, at least a tree, if there is space. 

I have done a video on Instagram trying to add some eco-friendly beauties to the balcony garden. Please have a quick watch if you like bamboo and ceramic planters. Here are some bamboo planters that may interest you.

Click on the images to see the details! 

  1. NAOE Bamboo Hanging Planter :

   Bamboo macrame wall hanging planter     


 2. Watika Craft Wall Hanging 3 Step Bamboo Planter :


Bamboo three step hanging planter 


 3. COIR GARDEN- Vertical Hanging Bamboo Planters with Rope ( Pack of 3)


Bamboo vertical planter 



4. HOKIPO Bamboo Plant Stand/ Racks/ Display Stand :                                                                            

 bamboo planter stand 


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