Something More On Etham Movie

The first time you do something, it is always exciting right? I had never waited for a movie before, not even Bahubali 2! 🙂Yes, I like Bahubali. 

It was the first time I was watching a movie, the first day, the first show! And someone captured by feedback too! Can you see me in the thumbnail?

Also this is the first time I am blogging a  malayalam movie review. Ya, I posted about it last time also, the movie Etham! I have been getting information about various aspects of the movie for about three years. And finally the wait is over and the movie is in cinemas!

Nowadays I am not that active on my blog, not because I don't have time writing, but wanted something I felt like sharing. Etham, the movie is special for me so thought of sharing my review

Lot of things happened when I was away from Beeps in the Mind- lot of thoughts, lot of reading not that much of a writing though. My favorite blog sharing platform, Indiblogger also changed a lot and recently did I know about this. 

Recently I am on Instagram. Though not active, I tried Youtube also. It is of course nice but may be since I like blogging platforms, especially, Blogger a lot, and I like typing long sentences at one go, I missed this space a lot. Hoping to restart blogging may with a different subject! Please check my Instagram also. I am sharing my thoughts there also.

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