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I am Aiswaya Moodadi. I am from Kerala. I am a Btech in Computer Science. My love for writing and storytelling led me to a career involving content writing, copywriting, and content strategy. I have also worked a ghostwriter. I believe in the magic of storytelling, as story is the primary asset of any business- the product or service it sells.


 Yes, I pursued an academic degree that is different from my passion. Though trained to be an engineer, I could constantly nourish and cherish the writer in me. What I like the most is writing. So I started this blog as a hobby in 2009. But later, I could explore the power of blogging.


I write about my thoughts, poems, stories, product reviews, book reviews, film reviews, and more on this blog. I have done a few collaborations, also. I have published a book, a collection of poems from some time back. I am also on Instagram, where I review kids' books.



My primary focus is Lifestyle Blogging, Sponsored Posts, Brand Campaigns, Reviewing Kids' Books, Sustainable Fashion Apparel, Cruelty-free Cosmetics, Healthy Food Brands, and other healthy and sustainable products.




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