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Aiswarya Moodadi- Beeps in the Mind
Me :)

I was born a dreamer and I always had many things to tell; small to big. I kept writing on and on  about those zillion things that popped up my mind till those thoughts found solace as words.  The very thought of sharing my stories made me start this blog. Now it has become one of the inevitable aspect of my life where I roam around, laugh off, fight loud and write life.

Writing means sharing. It's part of the human condition to want to share things - thoughts, ideas, and opinions.
--Paulo Coelho

So that my mind gives me beeps when it very much wants to speak out ;) Thoughts just come out with words,  put on! And here I am;  scribbling at “Beeps in the Mind”.

My Love

I find happiness in the cute little things and sometimes get dull by the little things that matter to me. There are many things that I love; poems, books, plants, butterflies,smiles, rain, stars, sea, reveries, pilgrimage, travelling, movies, kittens and lot more.

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.
--E. L. Doctorow

Watch this space and be ready for the random things I think and find interesting. I will try to be as consistent as possible. And you do respond through the comments so that I would know how enduring a reader you are! LOL! I will but learn from my mistakes! :)

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